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I get it. Healing from sexual abuse can be intimidating, discouraging, and lonely. Don't let that stop you.

This site is full of insights, encouragement, and inspiration to help you heal. Get access to free healing ebooks and guides and check out the 100+ articles written by fellow survivors traveling the healing path.

If you'd like extra support or step-by-step guidance, I'd be thrilled to help you through coaching, courses or books.

I started Overcoming Sexual Abuse over seven years ago to empower survivors of childhood sexual abuse to have fulfilling, impactful lives. Gaining back my own life free from the effects of abuse has led me to creating a program for other abuse survivors. If you’re ready to design a fulfilling, empowered life for yourself and intend to impact the worldRead more

The online courses are complete digital learning experiences. Lesson materials are delivered via video lessons and PDF downloads, all of which is housed in the members-only website. Each lesson video includes an action step to for you to take. You can work through the course at your own pace.  It will always be available to you. ACCELERATE YOUR HEALING JOURNEY 21Read more

THE RESCUED SOUL a writing journey for the healing of incest and family betrayal • Do you feel as though you don’t belong? • Do you work for validation but feel unworthy of it? • Are you in an abusive relationships with yourself? • Do you fear emotional intimacy? • Do you crave deep connections but always feel alone? ThereRead more