As a thriving childhood sexual abuse survivor and certified professional coach who has worked with trauma survivors since 2009, I know the healing path.  Here are some of my free resources for to help you on your healing journey, whether you’re new to healing or have been healing for some time. 



You Have What it Takes to Heal From Abuse

Have you ever doubted the amazing ability you have inside of you to heal? This eBook is full of ways you can grow in your confidence and how to access your healing ability. You truly do have what it takes!

What other survivors have said about the ebook:

“Wow. This is incredible. It gave me chills. It made me cry.”

“Thank you so much for the eBook. It resonated so strongly with me...Although I am a psychotherapist, I read about sexual abuse differently now. Your eBook spoke to me. It made me feel less alone.”

Thank you so so so much for your ebook on starting the healing journey. I have been off and on this journey so many times but I’m finally ready to really commit to this journey. I’ve been debating how and when to start for years but I know now that today is that day.”




Don’t Tell Me You Love Me: Rethinking My Relationship With My Abusive Family

Abusive family relationships can be really difficult to make sense of. What boundaries do you need to set? When is it necessary to end your relationship?

When are you holding on to false hope? When is hope for change just prolonging your pain? How do you know the difference between hope and false hope?

This eBook helps you sort out what boundaries you need with a checklist of questions to help you sort out what changes you want and need to make.




Workbooks & Worksheets:


What She Hadn’t Realized Was… : A Writing Exercise for Overcoming Any Challenge

As abuse survivors, we can get stuck in limited thinking. We learned very early to (consciously or unconsciously)choose from very limited options available to us so we could survive. That did three things:

1. Taught us to rely on limited coping methods or strategies that may no longer serve us
2. Engrained in us that we are powerless or have very limited power
3. Put our focus on survival, which is a limiting focus

This is a short and simple writing exercise that opens your mind to new possibilities by bypassing the patterns your brain is used to and tapping into your creativity and resourcefulness.



Embracing Your New Year: Creating Your Thriving Future by Learning From Your Past

If you’re a survivor of abuse, you already know there’s nothing magical about a date on a calendar. We don’t get a “fresh start” from one day to the next. The past comes with us along with the pain, beliefs and habits until we face and heal those things.

But there is something magical that happens when we stop pretending like the past doesn’t matter and finally turn around and face it. And that’s what this workbook is for.

It’s not only about facing your hurts but of acknowledging the ways you’ve grown. It’s a reflection on the lessons you’ve learned and what you want to take into the next season of your life as well as what you want to leave behind. This might be just what you need to for the fresh start you’ve been looking for.



Creating a Self-Care Plan

Do you have a self-care plan for your healing journey? One of the biggest challenges of healing is self-care. But it’s also one of the most important parts. This guide will help you with ways you can provide the support you need and overcome the challenges to nurturing yourself.