The Rescued Soul: A Writing Journey for the Healing of Incest and Family Betrayal

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The Rescued Soul: A Writing Journey for the Healing of Incest and Family Betrayal

  • Do you crave deep connections but always feel alone?
  • Do you feel as though you don’t belong?
  • Do you work for validation but feel unworthy of it?
  • Do you feel like if anyone really knew you, they wouldn’t love you?
  • Are you in an abusive relationship with yourself?
  • Do you fear emotional intimacy?


I used to feel like an outsider in my own life. No matter how many people I had in my life, I couldn’t escape the feeling of being utterly alone. Nor could I get away from feeling like I was unlovable and unworthy of being treated well. Desperate for connection, I landed in one dysfunctional relationship after another. I never knew that my life was being sabotaged by my childhood sexual abuse.

  • Did someone you loved or trusted sexually violate you as a child?
  • Did your family denial force you to live with the secret or to handle the pain on your own?
  • Have you been rejected by your family for talking about your abuse? Or are you guarding the secret for fear of being rejected?


One of the most astounding things I’ve learned in my years of working with survivors of sexual abuse is how common it is for survivors to be rejected and betrayed by their own families. When my own family ostracized my daughter and me for taking a stronger stand against our abuse, I thought we were alone. I’d never heard anyone talking about it.

Incest and family betrayal combine two social taboos: The taboo against talking about incest and the taboo against dishonoring parents.

Family abandonment is at the heart of incest and childhood sexual abuse. Sexual abuse doesn’t lead to family abandonment; family abandonment leads to sexual abuse. Emotionally dysfunctional parents produce children who feel (and are) isolated. Those vulnerable children become easy targets for sexual predators—either inside or outside the family. Desperate for love and connection, the children are seduced. Without anywhere to go with their pain and confusion, they are driven deeper into isolation.

There is no greater isolation a child can suffer than that of incest.

Without healing, that sense of isolation follows the survivor into adulthood. Abuse destroys the relationship with yourself and sabotages every other relationship in your life.


You don’t have to remain a victim of childhood sexual abuse. No matter how much sexual abuse imposes on your life today, you can heal and thrive. With loving support and practical guidance in The Rescued Soul, you can learn how to love and connect with yourself and accept the loving support of others. Transform your relationship with yourself and the world around you!



Combining candid personal stories with action steps to heal, The Rescued Soul uses the tool of writing to show you how to move through the pain of abandonment and betrayal to heal your life.

  • Healing guide
  • Workbook
  • 365 day journal with healing insights for encouragement, inspiration and hope

This is what people are saying about The Rescued Soul:

In The Rescued Soul, Christina Enevoldsen shares her extensive comprehension of what it means to face and overcome sexual abuse, gently guiding the reader through the process of reconnection on the journey back to self. A wonderful resource on the healing journey!
Darlene Ouimet author of Emerging from Broken: The Beginning of Hope for Emotional Healing

Christina will take you into the depths of what healing from abuse truly requires. The two strongest tools for this from my perspective are writing, and the power of the personal story. Christina shares hers and gives you everything you need to piece yours back together as well. If you are brave enough to take this journey with her, I am certain you will emerge more alive and whole then you ever imagined possible. I know what her writing has done for my life, and I invite you to allow that level of transformation into your own as well.
Kylie Slavik, Survivor & Author of Recovering the Spirit from Sexual Trauma

Start or continue your healing journey in self-affirming and empowering way!
A perfect gift for yourself or for someone you love.