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If you've survived childhood abuse, the holidays can be especially stressful and overwhelming.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

In my journey after childhood sexual abuse, I've faced holiday challenges :

  • dreading family gatherings because of past and current abuse (before I started healing, I didn't even know that's WHY I dreaded them.)
  • feeling alone because of estrangement from most of my family (especially in the beginning of my healing journey)
  • feeling isolated because I believed the rest of the world was celebrating and in loving relationships
  • feeling overwhelmed because I felt like I was doing most of the giving and serving
  • feeling resentful for spending too much time, energy and money instead of considering what actually felt good to me and WAS good for me
  • feeling exhausted from trying to make things perfect (and control everything) to cover up my shame

Overall, the holidays left me feeling more stressed than joyful. But step by step, I've addressed the beliefs and habits that kept me there.

Self care isn't about being selfish.

As you learn to consider your needs and meet them, you'll actually have more energy to do the rest of your life better and with more love, which will give you more peace and more joy.

Does that sound like something you could use?

I'll share empowering strategies to help you love and nurture yourself during the holiday season so you can start 2018 right.


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