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You Have What it Takes Cover

You Have What it Takes to Heal From Abuse

Have you ever doubted the amazing ability you have inside of you to heal? This eBook is full of ways you can grow in your confidence and how to access your healing ability. You truly do have what it takes!

What other survivors have said about the ebook:

“Wow. This is incredible. It gave me chills. It made me cry.”

“Your awesome book awakened me and made me realise that, as the title says, I already have what it takes in order to heal.”

“Thank you so much for the eBook. It resonated so strongly with me... Although I am a psychotherapist, I read about sexual abuse differently now. Your eBook spoke to me. It made me feel less alone.”






Leaving & Grieving: When & How to Let Go of Difficult Relationships

Get Clarity and Closure in Difficult Relationships

When is a difficult relationship too difficult? How long do you keep hoping?

How do you know if it’s actually less painful to cut your losses?

And how do you move on when the loss seems too painful?


  • exactly how to evaluate if there is real hope for the relationship to get better.
  • 7 specific questions you need to ask yourself about the other person in the difficult relationship.
  • 7 specific questions you need to ask yourself about yourself
  • the practical ways to let go of the difficult relationship so you can finally move forward







Creating a Self-Care Plan

Do you have a self-care plan for your healing journey? One of the biggest challenges of healing is self-care. But it’s also one of the most important parts. This guide will help you to come up with the ways you can provide the support you need and to overcoming your challenges so you can nurture yourself.









Embracing Your New Year: Creating Your Thriving Future by Learning From Your Past

The previous year held disappointments and pain as well as successes and joy. While a lot of people speed ahead to focus on a fresh New Year, don’t underestimate the power of learning from the past. There’s a lot of unleveraged wisdom to be mined from the past if you know how to find it. Take the time to reflect on the past twelve months so you’re prepared to thrive in the New Year!

  • Explore how the previous year may be anchoring you to the past.
  • Leverage your mistakes and missteps to launch your success.
  • Identify and release the commitments, relationships and beliefs that keep you on the same self-defeating track.
  • Embrace what you really want for your future without fear of failure or disappointment.




What She Didn’t Realize Was…


A Writing Exercise for Overcoming Any Challenge

Feeling Stuck, Controlled or Powerless?

As abuse survivors, we can get stuck in limited thinking. We learned very early to (consciously or unconsciously) choose from very limited options available to us so we could survive. That did three things:

1. Taught us to rely on limited coping methods or strategies that may no longer serve us

2. Engrained in us that we are powerless or have very limited power

3. Put our focus on survival, which is a limiting focus

This is a short and simple writing exercise that opens your mind to new possibilities by bypassing the patterns your brain is used to and tapping into your creativity and resourcefulness.