Recharging for the Holidays



Holidays are known to be exhausting and overwhelming. But that doesn’t have to be your experience. You can anticipate the extra energy withdrawals and make allowances for it. I’ll share ways to keep an even level of energy by considering your unique needs, challenge you to monitor your energy and provide ideas to recharge when you need it.


If self care is a struggle for you, I understand. It’s been one of the biggest challenges of my healing journey. I’d love to be able to share how you can actually change the way you think about yourself and treat yourself. So if you put yourself last, feel guilty about serving yourself, have trouble asking for your needs to be met, settle for less than you deserve or have a bully for an inner voice, check out my Self Care Course. You’ll learn how to work through those beliefs that tell you that you’re undeserving so you’re empowered to thrive. It’s only $27 dollars right now! You can check that out here.

 Here’s what course members said:

“Doing the lessons I learned things about myself that actually made me feel good about myself more. It helped me be more appreciative of the person that I am. I loved exploring/discovering things about myself.”

“I am thrilled that through the lessons I can actually (hesitantly) say that I want to figure out what ways of self-care feel good to me, what my self-care should be about. And I feel like this is what I was looking for; feeling the desire to explore this part of myself instead of just going through motions, crossing things off my to do list.”