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Join Bloom Healing Community for only $21 per month.  You’ll get the training and support to permanently reverse the effects of neglect and abuse. Try it for a month and experience how much of a difference it makes.

Here’s the difference it’s made for a few members of the Bloom community:

“I enjoy the weekly sessions and connecting with other members of the group. They “get” me and my struggles in ways that other people don’t. It’s great to have that level of understanding and a place to talk about and share our experiences and examine how past traumas impact us now.”

“I am improving every day with self care (probably for the first time in my life I am consciously making a massive effort with my environment and sleep and the tips and daily emails are great.

“I was struggling really bad with anxiety and overthinking. It was causing me to feel pretty depressed. I also have always struggled really bad with my self care so when I came across Bloom I knew it was going to be a good fit. My self care has taken leaps and bounds since I joined. I am exercising everyday, journaling, reading again, and my self talk is much kinder. All this self care has really made me reconnect with myself again it’s made me really begin to show myself the unconditional love I was always pouring into everyone else.”

Are you ready to feel the love you’ve needed all along?

Join us every Wednesday at 4pm Pacific!


Which of these results would you like to experience?:

“Just being part of the group and feeling heard has defused a lot of my feelings of shame. Some of that comes from the material we’ve covered, which has been really powerful – how shame is a universal emotion and why it exists. In the group, I feel accepted for my true self and supported in healing and growing. I really appreciate how open and accepting everyone is. It’s hard to find spaces where uncomfortable emotion can be allowed to flow, and that’s such a healing thing.”

“There’s so much that I missed out on from having had parents who weren’t able to be present for me – encouragement, mirroring, lessons about boundaries, support in developing self-worth, and so on. I feel in a way Bloom is finally providing those things and enabling me to develop and grow in ways that should have happened decades ago. (It’s never too late!)”