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The class starts soon but if you’re looking for ways to make your healing journey smoother, you don’t have to wait. You can get started right away with other masterclasses full of insights, practical tools and strategies to equip your healing journey. With these topics:


  • boundaries
  • developing your intuition
  • preventing emotional overwhelm
  • facing fear
  • overcoming rejection
  • overcoming guilt and shame
  • self care
  • coming soon: healing relationships


The entire audio collection is available to you today for only $27. Once this masterclass is over, the price is going up to $37.


For $27 you’ll get all of this:


What if the ways you hurt yourself the most actually started out as self care?

I’ll show you the good intentions behind your most destructive patterns and help you replace those patterns with what you truly need.

You’ll learn:

  • how to truly give yourself what you need when you’re suffering and in pain
  • why it’s dangerous to think of self care as comfort
  • what self care really is and how to provide that
  • how to silence your inner critic


You’re equally valuable as anyone else exactly the way you are. You can free yourself from guilt and shame and finally care for yourself deeply.

  • learn the source of your guilt and 3 easy steps for dealing with it
  • break free from shame, inadequacy and self-loathing and finally deeply care for yourself
  • learn how guilt and shame perpetuate abuse and how to stop its influence in your life

“What a great class! Every counseling practice in the country should be using these materials. The counselor I’m currently seeing is excited about learning more about your work.”

“Thank you so much for the guilt and shame masterclass. Lately I’ve been working on self-acceptance, why it’s so hard to accept myself for who I am, and why I look to other people for approval all the time. This class gave me so much insight into what’s going on with this and how it got started. I really appreciate your openness about your own experiences, because they give me perspective and help me understand my own family life, and later choices, much better.”

“The class was incredibly helpful to me and so helpful that I find a hard time putting it into words.  I’ve had several years of therapy and the information you gave me was not something I ever learned in therapy.  The examples you gave and the way that you explained shame through the generational cycles, was eye opening to me and explained so much of what I’ve been experiencing with family members.” 

“You are amazing!!! The master class on guilt and shame alone was the prize and then the fear from the shame. I have been listening to the classes every day to ingrain it it my being. I will be doing the work sheet pertaining to the shame I have not been able to work through. I have not had this much help with my past therapy sessions! You are a life saver!!! I am already feeling more powerful!”


Fear is meant to preserve our lives. But for so many years, it stopped me from living my life.

My childhood taught me just how dangerous the world could be. But even after my childhood and the trauma were over, I was stuck in survival mode.  

In this masterclass, I share the scientifically based, very practical changes I made to shift out of survival mode so I could move forward in healing and in life.

  • learn the empowered purpose for fear and shift how you experience it
  • discern when to heed fear’s wisdom and when and how to brush fear aside
  • acquire new tools and strategies to overcome fear so fear doesn’t stop you

“This was fantastic, thank you so much!…For the past 20 years I have read myriads of textbooks, articles, sat in on tons of science lectures but never has anyone came close to your level of wisdom and knowledge and such a 360 degree understanding of trauma, not only on a theoretical and on a practical level but also on an emotional level. I keep pinching myself that this is real and how I got so lucky to have found you.”

“This collection has been very helpful to me.  I was very interested in the class on fear, because my ‘fear meter’ was broken.  But the class on Intuition was so helpful, I’ve listened to it repeatedly and have been working on the exercises to build my intuition and ‘gut’ instincts.  Thank you, this really helps!”


Part of surviving my childhood with my sanity intact was shutting up my inner voice. I even had a mantra to help me do that, “This isn’t happening.”

Denial and dissociation were useful then. But in adulthood, not listening to my inner wisdom left me very vulnerable.

In this masterclass, I share the principals and concrete steps that have helped me develop and  trust my intuition so I’m better protected.

  • learn what you can do to develop and trust your intuition
  • recognize potential filters to your intuition (everyone has them)
  • learn to challenge filters that may cause you to misread situations and people
  • follow what’s truly good for you rather than what’s simply familiar

“I was having difficulties with a therapist and had decided to quit seeing her. I had a bad ‘feeling in my gut’ and loved how you explained about the neurons in our gut. Great class, gave me peace about my decision, and I highly recommend it!”

“I feel it was very informative it has already helped me with a little piece of my puzzle.  I have looked through a clouded lens my whole life not able to accept my intuition. You’re an inspiration.”

What do you do when you feel like there are just no good options? When any strategy or choice you make will end in pain?

Even after I years of rebuilding my boundaries and owning my personal power, I encountered a tough situation where I felt trapped.

I had to confront another layer of my survival narrative that kept me restricted so I could finally feel like my life was my own. In this masterclass, I share:

  • new strategies to find your boundaries in the toughest situations
  • fresh insights about where you actually have choices even when it feels like you’re out of options

“I struggle with thoughts that I am powerless to change things, and I find myself dedicating to0 much time to ongoing struggles with people in my life.  Christina’s Boundaries Masterclass helped me see that this is common in victims of sexual abuse, and I feel empowered to move forward another step in my growth process after listening to this class.”

Say goodbye to emotional overwhelm and the fear of strong emotions. Not only will you gain a new perspective on your emotions, you’ll also learn new tools and strategies for handling your emotions so you’re empowered to use them as the powerful allies they’re designed to be!

  • learn how to instantly calm yourself so you can safely heal from trauma without fear of emotional overwhelm.
  • discover the purpose behind anxiety, depression, fear, anger and other emotions so you can use them for your benefit and then quickly pass through them
  • receive strategies to express your emotions in constructive and healthy ways

As humans, rejection is one of the things we fear the most. Even something as simple as criticism can trigger our fight or flight response.  

In this masterclass, I help you break down the invisible wall of rejection along with the pain and shame that goes with it.

  • learn the source of the pain, shame and fear of rejection and how to resolve it
  • break the pattern of rejection in your life so you can feel accepted, secure and loved
  • learn how to use present day experiences to heal your past (so it doesn’t keep haunting you)


“Your masterclass on rejection was very helpful.  I have always been a people pleaser and shame on me when I was not.  I now realize that I can’t be friends with everyone and really this says something about the one who rejected me.”


As a survivor of incest, sex trafficking and a 21-year long abusive marriage (now remarried to an emotionally healthy, loving and supportive man), I bring personal experience, empathy, and insight as well as professional training to help childhood sexual abuse survivors thrive.

I’m a Strategic Interventionist and Certified Professional Life Coach with a specialty Life Story certification. I’m the author of The Rescued Soul and the creator of empowering courses and masterclasses.

I love helping survivors find healing and hope after years of chronic abuse and I’m honored to walk alongside courageous people ready to do the work necessary to go from surviving to soaring.