Jennifer’s Poetry Collection

On Top Of The Moon
Walking on the moon tonight
In its gentle beams of light
I look down upon a sight
Of me on that awful night
I see clearly the things he does
No more questioning who it was
Looking past the mental fuzz
From on top of the moon tonight

My Lucky Day
Waiting for the day he dies
When his tank runs over mines
When his plane falls from the skies
When the car bomb blows nearby
I am not ashamed to say
I check the news still everyday
Waiting for the day they’ll say
He has died in such a way
That will be my lucky day

Hate In You
All the things I hate in me
Are the things I hate in you
I won’t ever forgive myself
For what I let you do

If only I knew back then
The things I know today
I might have run away from you
And might have stayed away

But I didn’t think I could say no
I didn’t run away
I stayed there with you all that time
And still blame myself today.

Sold My Soul
Sold my soul to the devil that day
Yet the price paid was my own
Tricked to believe I had a say
In the things that I was shown
Truth be told I had no choice
Once he burrowed inside my head
Adult desires awakened
While the child inside was dead
Sold my soul to the devil
And I’ll never get it back
The innocent heart of a child
Now dried up, cold, and black

The Blame Game
I have always blamed myself
For what you put me through
But I was just a little girl
What’s a girl supposed to do?
Deep down inside I hate myself
But what I never knew–
The blame I’ve placed upon myself
Should be placed on you

Children’s Eyes
Hate of truth
And love of lies
Dims the light
In children’s eyes
To deny the pain
They do confide
And tell them
It must stay inside
Kills the child
That was alive
Leaving just
A withered hide

Never Mine To Keep
I’ve always kept your secrets
You taught me they were mine
I’ve kept them with me all these years
Believing I was fine

Can you take them back now?
I’m sure that they are yours
They were never mine to keep
And I don’t want them anymore

Looking back now I can see
That you should take the blame
I never wanted any part
Of your twisted little game

So now I give them back to you
They’ve scarred me much to deep
I don’t want them anymore
These secrets that I keep

We The Survivors
We the survivors are standing united
Against one formidable foe
The passions inside our hearts re-ignited
As we watch our new loved ones grow

What would we do if we traveled alone
On this journey of such great length
If no one could hear as we wept and we moaned
On our days when we’re lacking in strength?

When working together we WILL win the fight
To claim back who we’re supposed to be
Stand up and shout out with all of your might
I am good, I am strong, this is me!