The online courses are complete digital learning experiences. Lesson materials are delivered via video lessons and PDF downloads, all of which is housed in the members-only website. Each lesson video includes an action step to for you to take. You can work through the course at your own pace.  It will always be available to you.



There are no shortcuts to healing but there are tried and true ways to efficiently move through the healing process. This course shows you how.

This is for you if:

  • You’ve been healing for awhile and you still feel discouraged about your progress
  • You’re new to the healing journey and want to have the tools to start feeling better fast
  • You want to save yourself years of frustration by getting clarity about the essentials of healing
  • You want a supportive community where you can share your healing triumphs and struggles

It’s about connecting and healing your relationship with yourself and feeling more alive. This course isn’t just about how to heal; you’ll actually be healing.

What other survivors have said:

“It’s been so invaluable…I have searched a long long time to have this kind of result…and it makes me happy that I didnt listen to my fear… you have my gratitude…”

“My nightmares have decreased significantly and I am experiencing much less anxiety and tension. I have made more progress halfway though than I have in five years of therapy.”

“Christina’s compassion, patience and honesty created a safe environment for me to learn. Every person that has been through sexual abuse needs this type of guidance.”

“I was able to explore my real self…become more self aware…and I am honestly understanding who I am. Thank you a million.”

“…helps you gently find your voice again and brings you back to an awareness of your true feelings.”






In this course, I’ll show you how to live an empowered life by teaching you how to develop healthy boundaries.

You’ll gain the clarity and confidence to improve every relationship in your life–including the one with yourself!

What you’ll learn:

  • what boundaries are + what they aren’t
  • why we struggle boundaries + how to overcome those struggles
  • how to overcome the fear + guilt about setting boundaries
  • how to decide what boundaries to set (with detailed worksheet)
  • how to communicate boundaries
  • healing from boundary violations of the past
  • how to step into your own separate, distinct, unique self
  • how to use your voice + be confident in your own thoughts and feelings
  • and more!