I created what I wish I had when I first started healing and figuring out this whole life-thing after childhood abuse.

My online courses are complete digital learning experiences so they are easily accessible to anyone no matter where you live. Lesson materials are delivered via video, audio and PDF lessons.

Each lesson includes an action step to for you to take. You can work through each course at your own pace.  It will always be available to you.



To never create courses full of fluff and theory.

To always show what to do and how to do it.

To only teach what I’ve done myself — and done well.

To never stop learning and healing and growing right along with you.


Self Paced Course in 21 Lessons

Video lessons | Downloadable Audio Lessons | Downloadable Workbook

In this course, I share the mindset, strategies, tools, and plan I’ve used to heal from my abuse. I walk you through step-by-step and offer my guidance and support along the way.

There are no shortcuts to healing but there are tried and true ways to efficiently move through the healing process. I created this with focused, rapid implementation in mind.


Who is this for?

  • If you’ve been on the healing journey for years, this will help you go deeper.
  • If your healing is just beginning, this is the perfect way to start.

This is for you if:

  • You want to have the tools to start feeling better fast
  • You want to save yourself years of frustration by getting clarity about the essentials of healing
  • You want a supportive community where you can share your healing triumphs and struggles


What others have experienced in this course:

“The name of Christina’s course, ‘Accelerate’ is so spot on. I have been in therapy for the past 10 years with various therapists but I have to say the last few days were groundbreaking for me and equivalent of/transcend what I have gotten out of years and years of therapy.”

“It’s been so invaluable…I have searched a long long time to have this kind of result…and it makes me happy that I didn’t listen to my fear… you have my gratitude…”

“My nightmares have decreased significantly and I am experiencing much less anxiety and tension. I have made more progress halfway though than I have in five years of therapy.”

“Every person that has been through sexual abuse needs this type of guidance.”


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Self Paced Course in 12 Lessons

Video lessons | Downloadable Workbook


How do you have healthy boundaries when you were taught “relationship” by abusive experiences and dysfunctional people?

How are you supposed to unlearn those self-sabotaging behaviors and unhealthy beliefs?

In this course, you’ll gain the clarity and confidence to improve every relationship in your life–including the one with yourself!


What you’ll learn:

  • what boundaries are + what they aren’t
  • why we struggle boundaries + how to overcome those struggles
  • how to overcome the fear + guilt about setting boundaries
  • how to decide what boundaries to set (with detailed worksheet)
  • how to communicate boundaries
  • healing from boundary violations of the past
  • how to step into your own separate, distinct, unique self
  • how to use your voice + be confident in your own thoughts and feelings
  • and more!


What others have experienced in this course:

“Christina and her boundaries course helped me make firm boundaries and act on the boundaries I already had placed in my heart. Life events happened during this course and it definitely gave me courage and confidence in them. I feel stronger and more grounded in myself now.”

“The boundaries course has been really important to me. One of the lessons showed me where the major part of my suicidality came from. I broke down in a way that is powerful and rare… to go that deep. I am lately feeling how much all this has shifted me. I don’t feel like the same person, especially for how depressed I was this time last year. My deep gratitude for what you do and what it took to get there too.”

“I can’t save everyone, but I can save myself. And the most powerful thing I’ve been taught here- is that you can be your own hero. Even if your legs are shaking and your voice is trembling, you can be your own hero.”


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Self-paced Course in 7 Lessons

(This is the introduction to the more in-depth Accelerate Group Program)

You can be prepared to face whatever challenges the healing journey brings.

The course will help you switch your focus from short-term surviving to long-term healing and thriving:

  • strategies and tools for dealing with your fear
  • creating a support plan for when you’re triggered or the pain seems too much
  • a new perspective on flashbacks, nightmares and haunting memories and how to use them as tools to heal
  • the reason why you resist facing the past and how to overcome the resistance
  • what progress actually looks like and seeing “setbacks” as normal, healthy and necessary
  • shifting focus onto your forward movement as a way to keep momentum

What others have experienced in this course:

“I never thought I would be in a place where I could face the past and it would honestly not be a devastating experience for me.  I don’t know how I got here where I have peace and am free but you are helping me put this together. Now for the first time I in my life I would also like to help others as I am no longer devastated by past thoughts.”

“The exercises have been a miracle.  I have never worked on my trauma and abuse like this.  Therapy never seemed to work.  Thank you. I am very grateful.”

Feel happier, freer, and more empowered using clear, simple, sustainable steps that will transform the way you approach your healing.



Self-paced Course in 10 Lessons

Self care is more than massages and bubble baths. It’s about knowing without question you deserve to be loved. It’s about being empowered to give yourself what you need to thrive.


  • Work through negative beliefs that sabotage you + tell you you’re undeserving
  • Communicate “I love you” to yourself so you hear + believe it
  • Establish new, nurturing daily habits


What others have experienced in this course:

“I am thrilled that through the lessons I can actually (hesitantly) say that I want to figure out what ways of self-care feel good to me, what my self-care should be about. And I feel like this is what I was looking for; feeling the desire to explore this part of myself instead of just going through motions, crossing things off my to do list.”

“Doing the lessons I learned things about myself that actually made me feel good about myself more. It helped me be more appreciative of the person that I am. I loved exploring/discovering things about myself.”

“I felt encouraged and got specific tips on handling myself, especially in the aftermath of devastating responses to my abuse by my cousins. Christina is a wonderful wealth of experience–a good listener and gives great advice. Go ahead and do it–one hour of your life for many hours of benefits!”

More than just a list of self-care “shoulds”, you’ll get to the root of your self-neglecting and self-abusing thoughts, feelings and behaviors.



As a survivor of incest, sex trafficking and a 21-year long abusive marriage (now remarried to an emotionally healthy, loving and supportive man), I bring personal experience, empathy, and insight as well as professional training to help childhood sexual abuse survivors thrive.

I’m a Strategic Interventionist and Certified Professional Life Coach with a specialty Life Story certification. I’m the author of The Rescued Soul and the creator of empowering courses and masterclasses.

I love helping survivors find healing and hope after years of chronic abuse and I’m honored to walk alongside courageous people ready to do the work necessary to go from surviving to soaring.

If you’re ready to release the limitations placed on you by abuse and embrace your freedom, power and joy, I’m thrilled to help.