I started Overcoming Sexual Abuse over eight years ago to empower survivors of childhood sexual abuse to have fulfilling, impactful lives. If you’re ready to design a fulfilling, empowered life for yourself, I want to help you get there.

If you’re ready to start thriving, here are some ways I can support you:

Sometimes you need someone to listen. A shoulder to lean on. Or someone to tell you this is normal. To hear how strong you really are. Or just to be with you.

And then other times you need a sounding board to know what step is next. To help you figure out what is right for you. Guidance to help you feel confident while you learn to trust your own inner guidance.

And then there are those times when you need a solution. Now. You need to stop feeling bad. Now.

That’s why this is your year. Because there’s a difference between experiencing struggles in life and life being a struggle.

I’ll walk beside you. I’ll light the path for you and then show you how to be your own light. You’ll see what you’re really capable of and how beautiful your life can really be.

Develop a strong foundation in healing

  • Shift your mindset to persevere through the healing journey
  • Adopt tools, techniques and habits to support yourself
  • Learn how to connect with your authentic self and be present
  • Identify and shed old beliefs that hold you to the past
  • Heal the wounds and step into freedom


Transition into Personal Power

  • Develop strong, loving personal boundaries
  • Manage energy levels to provide a life with only the people, places and things that truly raise your energy and make you feel fully alive
  • Prioritize self-care (continuous, priority investment every day)
  • Identify and shed limiting beliefs based on survival methods
  • Transition into seeking possibilities and opportunities
  • Learn to show up for yourself powerfully
  • Embody the person you’re meant to be


Create a strong foundation for a life that supports you

  • Learn to take full responsibility for yourself and your life
  • Learn how to connect to your authentic self and to be present
  • Identify and shed old beliefs that hold you to the past
  • Learn new habits of thought and action based on what serves you best
  • Heal the wounds and step into freedom


“I recently had the opportunity to work closely with Christina for almost an entire year. I experienced Christina as a masterful and natural coach with just the right blend of empathy and challenge.”

“She excels at deep listening, reflecting inward and sharing her thoughts with compassion. She is particularly sensitive to the needs of survivors (individually and as a community) and encouraged me to put self-care above the processes we were going through, an approach that was really new for me.”

“I witnessed that Christina lives what she teaches, which is rare in this world.”

“Christina’s combined wisdom, experience and compassion make her an excellent coach. The difference she has made and continues to make in my life is unparalleled.”



I offer a coaching packages and hourly coaching.

If you’re ready to explore the possibility of working together, contact me here.  We’ll schedule a discovery call to explore how we can work together.