Boundary video lessons

These lessons are no longer available here but you can still access these lessons plus 8 more via the full course: Boundaries for an Empowered Life

If you’re ready to really get strong with your boundaries, this is a proven way to learn. Here’s what some course members have said about it:

“Christina and her boundaries course helped me make firm boundaries and act on the boundaries I already had placed in my heart. Life events happened during this course and it definitely gave me courage and confidence in them. I feel stronger and more grounded in myself now.”

“The boundaries course has been really important to me. One of the lessons showed me where the major part of my suicidality came from. I broke down in a way that is powerful and rare… to go that deep. I am lately feeling how much all this has shifted me. I don’t feel like the same person, especially for how depressed I was this time last year. My deep gratitude for what you do and what it took to get there too.”

The full course includes not only the video lessons but:

  • downloadable lessons in pdf format
  • Q + A audio based on lessons
  • unlimited access to the private Facebook group (forever support)
  • weekly group coaching sessions via chat or phone while the program runs
  • monthly group chats after the program runs

If you’re joining us, don’t wait to register because we’re starting this week! Register here.