How do you have healthy boundaries when you were taught “relationship” by abusive experiences and dysfunctional people?

How are you supposed to unlearn those self-sabotaging behaviors and unhealthy beliefs?



Abuse demolishes boundaries.  We’re objectified, devalued and silenced.

A big part of healing is restoring that solid sense of self. It’s a relief and joy to be able to:

  • say no (and yes) with conviction and be able to stick to it
  • be free from false guilt and responsibilities that don’t belong to you
  • feel safe in your own skin because you can confidently stand up for yourself
  • firmly speak your truth

If you’d like some support in building better boundaries, there are two ways I can help you:

Boundaries Like a Badass Private Coaching Program. I work with you via phone or Skype so you feel empowered in all your relationships. We’ll start where you are so don’t worry about how much of a pushover you feel like. If you’re ready to explore the possibility of working together, contact me here.  We’ll schedule a complimentary discovery call to explore how we can work together. All it takes is one conversation to get started.

If you’d prefer self-study, I also have a Boundaries For an Empowered Life Online Course. It’s a step by step route to feeling ownership of your life. You can check that out below.

The life you want is in your hands


Self Paced Course in 12 Lessons

Video lessons | Downloadable workbook

In this course, you’ll gain the clarity and confidence to improve every relationship in your life–including the one with yourself!


What you’ll learn:

  • what boundaries are + what they aren’t
  • why we struggle boundaries + how to overcome those struggles
  • how to overcome the fear + guilt about setting boundaries
  • how to decide what boundaries to set (with detailed worksheet)
  • how to communicate boundaries
  • healing from boundary violations of the past
  • how to step into your own separate, distinct, unique self
  • how to use your voice + be confident in your own thoughts and feelings
  • and more!


What others have experienced in this course:

“Christina and her boundaries course helped me make firm boundaries and act on the boundaries I already had placed in my heart. Life events happened during this course and it definitely gave me courage and confidence in them. I feel stronger and more grounded in myself now.”

“The boundaries course has been really important to me. One of the lessons showed me where the major part of my suicidality came from. I broke down in a way that is powerful and rare… to go that deep. I am lately feeling how much all this has shifted me. I don’t feel like the same person, especially for how depressed I was this time last year. My deep gratitude for what you do and what it took to get there too.”

“I can’t save everyone, but I can save myself. And the most powerful thing I’ve been taught here- is that you can be your own hero. Even if your legs are shaking and your voice is trembling, you can be your own hero.”


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