a writing journey for the healing of incest and family betrayal

• Do you feel as though you don’t belong?
• Do you work for validation but feel unworthy of it?
• Are you in an abusive relationships with yourself?
• Do you fear emotional intimacy?
• Do you crave deep connections but always feel alone?

There is no greater isolation a child can suffer than that of incest.

Without healing, that sense of isolation follows the survivor into adulthood. Abuse sabotages the relationship with yourself and every other relationship in your life. But you don’t have to live with the effects of sexual abuse. Through my candid personal stories with action steps to heal, I use the tool of writing to show you how to move through your pain of abandonment and betrayal to heal your life.

•Healing guide
•365 day journal with healing insights for encouragement, inspiration and hope

“Her book explains confusing emotions in a clear and concise way that would normally take years of painful and slow therapeutic work to unravel. Her steps are like a brightly lit path out of darkness untangling confusing emotions while leading you quickly through to self discovery and healing.”

“… savoring every bit of it as it reveals more and more of the feelings I’ve had for a long time…The questions at the end of the chapters help me to put into words the feelings I’ve never been able to share with anyone.”

“This is an excellent book and workbook…Difficult concepts related to healing were clearly explained. The topics and questions are comprehensive and relevant…As someone who now works with others who have been abused I use this book to assist in their healing.”





Create the nurturing life you deserve


• Do you put yourself last?
• Push yourself beyond healthy limits?
• Have critical + berating self-talk?
• Feel guilty for serving yourself?
• Have trouble asking for your needs to be met?

One of the biggest struggles for survivors of abuse is a lifestyle of self-abuse and self-neglect.

We treat ourselves as burdens and we often abandon ourselves when we need the most love and attention. In this way, we perpetuate our own abuse.

This book is more just ideas and encouragement to care for yourself; it digs in deep to the root of the self-neglect to help you overcome the beliefs that cause it. You’ll learn to love yourself in thoughts, feelings and actions to create the nurturing life you deserve. A book, workbook and coloring book (in a playful and nurturing Art Nouveau style) you’ll feel cared for as you journey through this book. Coming soon to Amazon.