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Sexual Abuse


Why the Ghosts of the Past Keep Haunting You:

You'll learn exactly how and why unprocessed trauma keeps you in pain (It's not what you think!) and repeating the past. You'll gain a new perspective about those frustrating and defeating coping methods so you're free from shame and self-judgment.

What it Takes to Leave the Past Behind You:

You'll identify the specific painful origins of your own traumatic experiences to get to the root. With a 6-step process, you'll experience real healing, not just managing symptoms.

How to Use the Five Pillars of Healing:

The real damage of abuse goes beyond the traumatic events. I'll show you exactly what needs to be repaired and the step-by-step recovery and repair plan using The Five Pillars of Healing, so you can live powerfully with a future designed and created by you!

Childhood sexual abuse is not a life sentence.

Life after abuse doesn't have to be about "managing symptoms" or merely coping.

Running from triggers and avoiding pain means you're always in a defensive position.

That's not real living.

You were made for more.

This training is an invitation to step into that "more". It will give you the tools needed for real healing. So you can get on with real living.

Which of these sound like you?

  • The pain of your past surfaces through present day triggers and it’s frustrating to have these constant reminders
  • No matter how hard you try, you keep repeating the same defeating patterns of abuse through your relationships and self-sabotaging behaviors.
  • You’ve made healing progress but your past keeps coming up and you don't know what’s still missing

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Thursday, October 6 @ 6pmPST

Tuesday, October 11 @ 6pmPST

Thursday, October 13 @ 6pmPST

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    As an incest and sex trafficking survivor, I know how much of a struggle it is to figure out how to heal. In my 13 years working with sexual abuse survivors as a certified coach, program director and author, I've witnessed what works and what doesn't when it comes to healing. I'm excited to show you the exact steps that are missing in your healing and how you can finally put sexual abuse behind you.

    Which of these results would you like for yourself?

    "This training has been more effective than any therapy I received from the past. Christina puts you at ease and because she has been there, knows exactly what you are going through. She explained the need to have compassion for yourself, how to calm your nervous system and the best for me was questioning my belief system from the abuse and how to heal from that. She guides you to take actionable steps toward your healing."

    "I never felt that I measured up and mistakes where not acceptable. It is amazing that until we can question why am I reacting to this so strongly and look at it deeper, we will never be freed from the past. Thanks to you, I am learning to ask myself, "Where is this belief coming from? What are the messages I believe I have been told, and who's rule is it?"

    "Wow, this is amazing! Thank you so much for this opportunity to learn from you! You truly have been a gift to me. I have been on this healing journey for some time."

    "Just this free training has helped me to begin to process my past pain. I knew I had unresolved past hurts and did not have the tools to explore them. Boy can they keep you stuck in a terrible cycle."