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If you've survived childhood abuse,

self care can be especially challenging.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

In my journey of healing childhood sexual abuse, I've struggled with:

  • feeling overwhelmed because I felt like I was doing most of the giving and serving in my relationships
  • feeling resentful for spending too much time, energy and money on others while neglecting myself
  • feeling guilty for asking for anything for myself
  • feeling exhausted from working and working and working to cover up my shame
  • feeling bullied from my own inner voice
  • plus the constant disappointment of being the least important person to myself and others

But step by step, I've addressed the beliefs and habits that kept me there.

Self care isn't selfish.

As you learn to consider your needs and meet them, you'll actually have more energy to do the rest of your life better and with more love, which will give you more peace and more joy.

Does that sound like something you could use?

I'll share empowering strategies to help you love and nurture yourself so you can finally treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated.


  • Work through negative beliefs that sabotage you
  • Communicate “I love you” to yourself so you hear + actually believe it
  • Establish new, nurturing daily habits

What others are saying:

"I just wanted to say I have been in many many groups small big and one on one counseling throughout my life. I have never come across something like this one. I feel completely comfortable in sharing and talking. I do not feel alone in the crazy ass world."

“Thank you so much for this course. I even had my husband take the personality test and love language quiz and they have helped us understand each other better. Being able to post on the Facebook page was very helpful. It has been so amazing to find that there are others out there who feel just like I do and struggle with the same types of symptoms. I want to do this course again when you offer it.”

“I have never experienced this type of sharing outside the 12 step group I created (and the one I attend) apart from your group…I find this rare, pleasant, comforting, incredibly helpful and safe.”

"My experience working with you has been so positive. You have been so encouraging and uplifting in your spirit. It does allow me to see it is possible to keep fighting the good fight of faith...You allow us to want to be individuals and to see a positive future after sexual abuse.

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registration closed

I'd love for you to let me show you how you can truly love yourself. We'll walk through the steps together so you can start to build a solid, loving foundation for your life.

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