When is a difficult relationship too difficult? How long do you keep hoping?

How do you know if it's actually less painful to cut your losses?

And how do you move on when the loss seems too painful?

Get your free workbook to finally get the clarity & closure you need to resolve the pain & frustration of your difficult relationships!

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Finally gain the clarity to know if your difficult relationship is worth your investment OR if you need to move on.

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As a survivor of incest, sex trafficking and a 21-year long abusive marriage (now remarried to an emotionally healthy, loving and supportive man), I bring personal experience, empathy, and insight as well as professional training to help childhood sexual abuse survivors thrive.

I’m a Strategic Interventionist and Certified Professional Life Coach with a specialty Life Story certification. I'm also the CoFounder of Overcoming Sexual Abuse and author of The Rescued Soul.

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