How to Find a Therapist
This article provides a list of questions to ask when you’re looking for the right therapist. also helps you search for qualified therapists in your area.

What Makes Stand Out?
There are numerous therapy directories on the internet. Unfortunately, many of these therapist directories have no standard for choosing who they allow into their directory, and as long as the therapist is willing to pay the advertising fee, membership is granted.

At, only therapists and counselors who strive to adhere to the Elements of Good Therapy and who describe their therapy and counseling as empowering, non-pathologizing, and collaborative are allowed to be listed in the therapist directory.

Emerging from Broken  —  blog
From surviving to thriving on the journey to wholeness

Darlene Ouimet is excited to offer a message that is unique, sharing the missing puzzle pieces she has found that many others are seeking to find. She is a passionate advocate of emotional, mental and psychological health. This is a place of inspiration and connection where Darlene shares her journey with all other seekers, learning and growing together.

Quote from Emerging From Broken:  “I spent years practicing positive thinking, telling myself that I loved myself, telling myself that ‘God don’t make junk’; never speaking of the past, never acknowledging depression, resentment or anger…There was something missing between the events of my childhood and the ‘getting over it’ and ‘letting it go’ part. The bridge was broken and the keys were on the bridge.” Darlene Ouimet

Picture 1Big Voice Pictures – documentaries
Films that transform

The Healing Years, an acclaimed film in the field of women’s issues and child sexual abuse prevention, points the way toward a hopeful future for survivors of abuse.

Boys and Men Healing is a source of hope and inspiration for men who have suffered sexual abuse and violence. The film is witness to survivors’ ability to thrive and lead fulfilling lives, while advocating for prevention and education to protect children.

Healing From Abuse — blog

Healing From Abuse is about a personal journey in healing from sexual abuse and domestic violence. Each post is based on my own experiences, emotions, advice, and counseling that I have found personally fulfilling/helpful.  I hope it brings you hope.  I hope it leads to healing.  I hope it makes you realize that you are not alone. That you will never have to be alone.  I hope it gives you strength.  And I hope that ultimately, you realize and truly understand how beautiful you are.  How amazing you are and how much you have to offer to the world.

Quote from Healing From Abuse: I often feel the need to “fix things.” To find whatever kinks there are in my machine and repair them. To dig through all the layers and analyze, piece by piece, what needs to be done to make things better-to make things perfect-again.

But sometimes we all just need to sit with the pain. We just need to acknowledge that we are hurt, and that we are having these emotions.

Caden CeirdrisProudly Sensitive — blog

Passage from Proudly Sensitive:  “I once overheard my mother talking about me:  “I wonder…that’s the same thing they said about the unabomber!  That he was quiet and kept to himself as a child!” she said in a tone I found very familiar.  She always acted like, and insisted that there was something wrong with me, but she never looked in the mirror and saw either that she was completely deranged or committing sick crimes against me on a regular basis.  Her attempt to insinuate that I was “like the unabomber” ignored the fact that I was a sensitive, kind boy who was burdened by increasingly worsening neglect, physical, sexual, and emotional abuse.  And likewise she was unable to recognize what issues I really had without exaggerating, distorting, or projecting a bizarre version of what was actually happening onto me.  The cumulative damage of how she labeled and defined me without my input or consent has been massive.”