At OSA we appriciate your participation, but before entering our Discussions forum please take a moment to read through our site guidelines.

Posting Guidelines:

We work very hard to make Overcoming Sexual Abuse a safe community for sexual abuse survivors to find hope, inspiration, encouragement, support, and helpful information.

1. We take strong precautions when it comes to bullying or verbally attacking other participants of the site, including the administrators. Many survivors are finding their voice and sharing their opinions for the first time. All communication should be respectful. Please be aware of how your comments may affect others who are already hurting.

2. Please be sensitive when using profanity. You are encouraged to express your emotions and profanity is often appropriate when used sparingly. However, words used as weapons will be removed.

3. Do not post anything that incites, threatens or condones violence.

4. Do not violate anyone’s privacy by attempting to harvest, collect, store, or publish information from other participants on OSA without their knowledge and willing consent.

5. Do not threaten suicide or self-injury anywhere on OSA. We are not equipped to deal with crises of this nature. Contact your local crisis hotline. Talking about your feelings and coping strategies is encouraged, but threats of carrying out those actions are not allowed here and will be removed immediately.

1-800-SUICIDE or 1-800-273-TALK

International Suicide and Crisis Hotlines:

6. Please be sensitive when discussing your religious beliefs. We realize that spirituality can be very important in healing for many survivors. As such, you are free to reference your religious beliefs and their influence in your healing, but please don’t do so in a way that sounds overly preachy, tells others what they “should” believe or that disrespects other’s beliefs.

7. Some groups request that you include trigger alerts before posting potentially upsetting material. We don’t use trigger warnings since all content on OSA is potentially triggering and every survivor is triggered differently. However, if you seem to be intentionally posting material to upset others, your comment will be removed.

We reserve the right to remove comments or posts without warning upon violation of these rules as a precaution to others. We take the well-being of survivors very seriously, so those who disrupt the safety of this group will not be permitted to be a part of OSA.

While we work to make OSA safe, it cannot be monitored 24hrs a day.

As much as we try to make OSA a safe community, please don’t assume that everyone you meet in the group or online is safe or who they claim to be. If someone you meet here makes you uncomfortable, please contact an administrator.

If you have any questions about our policies, or feel you have not been respected, please contact us below.

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