“I am so grateful for all the help I’m getting on OSA. I am totally changing somehow, it’s subtle but even my ma has noticed and commented on it. I’m starting to get all sorts of motivation to do what I want to do, well at least to find out first what that is without all the uproar in my head! And I’ve been enjoying things, rather than living for tomorrow all the time. OSA and all your help has really been a life saver for me. I can’t thank you enough.” Louise

“I don’t know how I found this page last school year, but I’m glad I did. For the first time, I’ve been able to open up about what has happened to me, and not want to hurt myself the way I used to. I can now say that people understand me, which means so much. Even though I’ve only been talking about my abusers in a private, but I feel better. Somewhat stronger. I know eventually I will be able to share with others, whether it’s today, tomorrow, or six years from now. Oh!!! And I can’t forget to say that now, my dream job WILL be possible! Thanks Overcoming Sexual Abuse!!!” Danyelle

“You guys inspire me to keep moving forward, to let my voice be heard, to remind me I am worth all this hard work, and I will turn this all into something positive! My words are no longer locked inside of me, they are slowly emerging into written form. Your courage and inspiration is untouchable!” Charlotte

“I can’t explain the difference it has made to have so much support. Having happy people cheering me on has been like a light at the end of the tunnel make it easier to keep moving forward. I’m doing the walking but you guys are the light.” Jennifer

“I am so pleased and amazed that I found this site. Thank you all for being brave to post these well thought out, articulate messages. My healing had stalled. I was at a point of depression and listening to others as to “what I should do”. You made me aware that even that is another form of manipulation (even if it is from well meaning people). Thanks for reminding me that I need to start being true to myself. Thank you again.” Patricia

“This site has helped me immensely, to come here to know I’m not alone is so relieving. Makes me feel a little more sane and yourself and the other creators of this page have inspired more than you will know. This page reminds to hang on and keep fighting…. The part where it has possible indicators of sexual abuse totally made me realize I wasn’t in the wrong after all. Most of the points resonated with me and it’s been the biggest step in my healing so far. I will be bringing what I have learned to therapy and for the first time I feel different about myself. I was too young to understand and a lot of people took advantage of me. It is not my fault. You have no idea how much you have saved me. xxxxx” ” Mairéad

“Oh my goodness, just within the moment I joined I couldn’t tear my eyes away reading and reading SUCH inspiring, helpful, and healing words from members and the site. This has and I know will continue to help! The discussion board is awesome, it’s wonderful to know I’m not alone and terrifying to knowing how common it is…Thank you and I will spread the word about Overcoming Sexual Abuse.” Micaela

“I remember being so amazed when I found OSA at the beginning of the year. I had never heard anyone speak out about their abuse and had always felt alone. Finding people like me, who understood me was a life saver. OSA continues to be a lifeline and support and family to me and many others and I hope that it always will.” Penny

“I’ve been so helped by this site recently, just in leaps and bounds, am coming to understand myself and express myself better, am so grateful. Validation I think might be one of the most important ingredients for healing especially as it’s the opposite of abuse and trauma…This site is truly a rare treasure.” Louise

“I was filled with hatred and tons of pain and fear…I had no idea how to share my feelings… now I find this site …wow, what a big difference it has made in my life and I have only been here a few months…We share problems and ideas and help each other. I knew out there somewhere had to be somebody that I could share with …that really knew how I felt…life now doesn’t seem so helpless or confusing…I will reach my goal to be me and love myself whatever it takes.” Deb

“I really appreciate what I read and hear from others like me, and can appreciate that fact that there is hope from victims of sexual abuse, especially childhood sexual abuse. I appreciate all that I read on the various blogs and although some of them bring me to tears when I read them and remember what I have gone through in my life, I feel a tremendous amount of courage found when I read them and that is what gives me hope. Please keep doing what you do!” Sheila

“Thanks for all the great things my wife gets from here! Her transformation from a sad contained injured afraid person to a vibrant loving caring outgoing person has been truly astounding to be a part of!! She continues to amaze me daily!!!” Phil

“This site has been a God send to me. I can’t believe the difference in how I feel in just the few months I have been on here! There is not one person on here that does not understand how you feel. It’s an awesome sister/brotherhood of understanding people. You are not alone anymore!” Suzie

“Thank you so much for this site, a place we can get together and listen and support each other. Some don’t have anyone else they feel they can go to so this place is truly a blessing.” Mary

“It is a pleasure to watch so many people being enriched by this site!!! …I am so amazed and grateful!” Calvin

“My name is Danielle and I’m sixteen. I know you don’t know me so this might be a little weird but I really wanted to say thanks for writing and inspiring your website OSA. Just two short months ago I took the first step in asking for help and told the truth about my step dad sexually abusing me. It’s been a rough couple of months and recovery has led me to find hope and guides in many places (your website being one of them). And so I guess thanksgiving put me in the mood to tell everyone how thankful I am for their support and you were on my list. Thank you for writing and understanding.” Danielle

“As a child I numbed myself of emotion, I never let it out. To speak the words that I felt all those years ago was like a release. I finally allowed myself to feel. Seeking strength in groups like this has been a HUGE contributor. It gave me the security of being safe in my own home, but actually dealing with people who genuinely understand. When I’m having a bad day I can vent without ridicule. Healing is possible for everybody! You just need to find the method best suited for you…” Marg

So happy to have places like OSA where I feel safe enough to get my thoughts out. You all are filling a void for so many survivors, it’s really an amazing thing to watch. I know you are just as amazed as anyone at how many people are responding in need, and finding hope among other survivors! Carla

“Happy birthday OSA—best, most beneficial website created. Bethany, you really have accomplished something big creating this site you should be very proud of yourself. Christina, you’re just a beautiful person and I am forever thankful for being given the opportunity to connect with you and everyone else, I’m sure you all have played your parts in making OSA as successful as it is. I certainly have learned a lot just reading what’s available from the sight other people’s stories, thoughts and feelings. xxx” Christal

“I really encourage this group there has been so many groups concerning with sexual abuse, but they were rather more negatively, not offering any practical information that could help. I’m an advocate of this and I know that there isn’t anyone who should go through this and remain silent about it. Healing starts with letting it out..God bless you all. Continue with this group..it’s really helpful. I would surely invite more people to this group.” Nardeen

“I just wanted to thank you for starting OSA. I have tried fixing myself for 10yrs, numerous therapists–I have finally found the right therapist–week 10. Your site has helped me understand so much about myself and for once in my life I don’t feel alone.” Krista

“I just have to say how good it felt when I found OSA, and how after only two days it has already helped me to see that I’m not alone in feeling the way I do. Thank you for being brave enough to share your story, and for showing me that there is a light in the end of the tunnel.” Martine

“I also feel a bond with all my fellow survivors. It is such a relief to be among friends who understand. I’ve never had that or even anyone to talk to since I’ve never gone to therapy or anything. The couple people that I have opened up to sympathize but I can tell that they don’t truly understand and it made them uncomfortable so I quit talking about it. This site has helped me understand so much about myself and why I am the way I am. I can’t thank you enough, Christina, for being brave and caring enough to open this forum where all of us can feel safe, can speak our minds and can be understood and cared about. You are a wonderful woman.” Penny

“Somehow the way you share snippets of information is often exactly what I need to hear and I always learn something, and then you’re really good at giving feedback and that’s so reassuring. Can’t give enough praise really.” Louise

“The future is looking brighter than ever. I feel like I am at a turning point in my life in a lot of ways. This might sound silly, but I feel like my life is dominos and I have been working to get them all lined up for a while, but needed OSA to push the first one and get them going. Now the pieces are all starting to fall into place.” Jennifer

“I honestly don’t know how I would have kept going if it weren’t for finding your site. I was quite literally drowning in the pain of the past. I can never thank you enough for starting it and I know there are many others who feel the same way. Just finding I wasn’t alone, or crazy, or wrong to still be struggling with it meant everything to me. So, thank you. Know that you have truly made a difference.” Penny